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dreamgenii (UK) Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow (NEW) [Member price : HK$626]

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dreamgenii (UK) Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

1 in 4 pregnant women can suffer from something called SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) during pregnancy, which is a condition that causes pain and discomfort in the pelvic area, particularly the midline joint that connects the left and right pubic bones. Healthcare Professionals often recommend for pregnant women to sleep on their left side with a pillow between their legs, as this is shown to help align the pubic bone and alleviate pressure. The tail of the dreamgenii® Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow has been designed to neatly and compactly sit between your legs, so helping to effectively align your hips and provide the necessary relief without taking all the room up in the bed!Main Features:

  1. Aids restful sleep
  2. Supports Back, Bump & knees at the same time
  3. Helps you to lie on your left side, the best position for you and your baby
  4. Prevents you rolling onto your back during sleep
  5. Encourages maximum blood flow between mother and baby whilst you sleep
  6. If used from around 20 weeks onward can help to encourage optimal foetal positioning which can lead to a shorter and less painful labour with less chance of intervention
  7. Comes with a removable, washable cover on the pillow
  8. Double as a feeding support pillow
  9. Recommended by midwives
  10. The only patented pregnancy pillow shaped to promote the health of you and your baby
  11. 9/10 women would recommend the dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow to a friend
  12. Made in Turkey.  The world's most reputable country of fine cotton

Pillow cover materials: 100% cottonInner materials: 100% polyester

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