Diving classes of application procedures and arrangements for theory course


1. To Diving Adventure for Application.                         

2. Staff will introduce the course material.
  3. Teacher quality, reasonable price, decided to apply. fill out the application form, health and responsibility statement.
  4. Payment option: Cash, EPS, credit cards, banks also can be used interest-free installments.
  5. Arrange the course schedule, and receive in Chinese or English textbooks to prepare.
  6. First look at their textbooks at home to prepare, and try to do some simple questions and answers in textbooks.

7. This diving theory in five classes, two hours per lesson, the classroom instructor to explain the knowledge of diving.
  8. DVD appreciate the offer, in preparation for the pool water training
  9. End of class will do a quiz, simply ten multiple choice questions to see whether participants can absorb the Church granted knowledge.
  10. If you do not understand, you can ask questions.
  11. Participants are free to buy necessary equipment, such as myopia goggles, snorkel, fins and other basic personal equipment. participants enjoy the student price.
  12. Courses completed check Revalidation textbooks. and a quiz at the last lesson, a total of fifty multiple choice questions, such as passing the entire theory course, they're done.