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Frequently asked questions

How to join MOSES Net?

MOSES Net is seamlessly integrated with our MOSES software. MOSES helps you to manage every aspects of your company including accounting, warehouse, products, sales, purchase and production. Once you entered information of your products in MOSES, you can decide which of them to be shown in MOSES Net by just one click. MOSES comes in two versions - MOSES Free and MOSES Pro. MOSES Free is free for all companies and suitable for small companies with few users and products. MOSES Pro is suitable for larger companies with more complex operations. Visit our web site to learn more about how to get MOSES and how MOSES can benefit your company.

Can I use MOSES Net if I already have a web site?

Yes, you can use MOSES Net even you already have your own web site. MOSES Net will not affect your existing web site while it makes sense to direct visitor to MOSES Net to view your product information from your web site. If you need help in modifying your existing web site, please contact our professional support staff at

Can I use my own domain name such as

Yes, apart from using the domain, you can use your own domain name while using the service of MOSES Net. The cost of using your own domain name in MOSES Net is as low as HK$1,800 per year. Contact our sales representative at (852) 2741 4322 or email to start your web site now.